Interview with Josh and Alex at The Music Bugle

Interview with Josh and Alex at The Music Bugle! Discussing our forthcoming album, songwriting process, influences, and more.

“…I, as I’m sure others do, find a beauty in the darker thoughts and feelings…”

Pre-orders and the first song from our forthcoming album, A Somber Preclusion of Being, are still currently available at and on our website,

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  1. An Essence of Anguish Vacant Eyes 12:02
  2. A Colorless Eternity Vacant Eyes 16:53
  3. Silent Acquiescence Vacant Eyes 3:40
  4. Indifference Vacant Eyes 12:00
  5. The Cortex Vacant Eyes 9:50
  6. The Dim Light of Introversion Vacant Eyes 8:54