Jens Bogren and Fascination Street Studios

Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios mastered A Somber Preclusion of Being, both for the CD and digital versions, and also specifically for vinyl. We are honored, thrilled with the results, and glad to report that the process of working with the studio was very pleasant. Our thanks to them! We definitely recommend their services to other bands.

We are also fans of quite a lot of the music Jens has worked on in the past. What are some of your favorites?

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  1. An Essence of Anguish Vacant Eyes 12:02
  2. A Colorless Eternity Vacant Eyes 16:53
  3. Silent Acquiescence Vacant Eyes 3:40
  4. Indifference Vacant Eyes 12:00
  5. The Cortex Vacant Eyes 9:50
  6. The Dim Light of Introversion Vacant Eyes 8:54