Thanks to Edward Ayllon for this fantastic photo of A Somber Preclusion of Being on vinyl! He kindly gave us permission to share this image from his Instagram, @pits_and_grooves, where he regularly posts awesome pictures and descriptions of (mostly metal) records. Highly recommended.

This edition of the vinyl is starting to disappear, but is still available on our website and Bandcamp.


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Vacant Eyes – A Somber Preclusion Of Being This right here is something really amazing, guys. Hailing from Massachusetts, the young progressive death-doom/funeral doom outfit Vacant Eyes have graced us with their brand new full length debut album, A Somber Preclusion Of Being. And what a beast of an album this is. Clocking in at an hour and fifteen minutes, Vacant eyes keeps things interesting the entire way through. Crushing passages and haunting textures graced with soulful melodic guitar work guide you along this meticulous and dynamic blend of doom and progressive. The album never ceases in bringing a strong sense of bleakness tinged with hopeful longing, and you can feel it in these songs. And once you reach the album’s climactic conclusion, you’re ready for another go. Vacant Eyes surely pulled no punches in creating this bold, ambitious, and wonderful album. Make no mistake, this band is talented and hungry. Go show these guys some love, and by all means snag a copy of this beautiful 3LP edition while they last. You will absolutely not regret it! @pits_and_grooves 💀 @vacanteyesdoom #vacanteyes #asomberpreclusionofbeing #debutalbum #metal #deathdoom #funeraldoom #progressivedoom #vinyl #vinylcommunity #vinylporn #vinyloftheday #vinyladdict #vinyladdiction #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #vinylgram #vinyloftheday #vinylrecords #vinylgeek #instavinyl #records #music #musiccollector #musiclover #metalvinyl #metalrecords #metalcollection #photography #picoftheday #33rpm

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Metal Forge Best Albums of September 2020

Thanks to our friends in Metal Forge Reviews for including A Somber Preclusion of Being in their Best Metal Albums of September list! If you’re interested in discovering, sharing, and discussing albums, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel; these guys are very knowledgeable and well-spoken fans of metal, and they dig deep to share great music (and sometimes lesser-known) with everyone.


  1. An Essence of Anguish Vacant Eyes 12:02
  2. A Colorless Eternity Vacant Eyes 16:53
  3. Silent Acquiescence Vacant Eyes 3:40
  4. Indifference Vacant Eyes 12:00
  5. The Cortex Vacant Eyes 9:50
  6. The Dim Light of Introversion Vacant Eyes 8:54