A Colorless Eternity

Vacant Eyes

Record Details

Progressive Death/Doom Metal

Record Tracklist

  1. A Colorless Eternity -:-- / 16:52

Script-etched leaves
Weak, slowly losing grip,
Speak to me
With a chilling wind

Their pigment, a dull grayscale,
Projected into my ailing mind
A meek moment of time

Indulged by a forgotten growth
Of which eternity has claimed
Silence gently scraping at my body

I can recognize
Where the grid of time

Meets my broken world
But I choose to stay

Slowly turning my head
Towards the dead horizon

I witness time itself,
Face to face
As it breaks away from my world


  1. An Essence of Anguish Vacant Eyes 12:02
  2. A Colorless Eternity Vacant Eyes 16:53
  3. Silent Acquiescence Vacant Eyes 3:40
  4. Indifference Vacant Eyes 12:00
  5. The Cortex Vacant Eyes 9:50
  6. The Dim Light of Introversion Vacant Eyes 8:54